Can you say: Day Lilies!!

A Study in Day Lilies...

I just wanted to take a break from posting pictures of Lavender to highlight some of our delightful Day Lilies that are popping out all over at the moment...bring so much joy to our garden :-)

Many of you may not know, but Day Lilies were an inspiration to my Mother when she first envisioned the idea of having a flower farm when she retired. Living in Northern California at the time, she used to visit all the beautiful Day Lily farms in the area and dream of one day having a flower farm of her own. That dream turned to Lavender some time after moving to Central Oregon and learning how well it grows here and also falling in love with all the wonderful attributes of Lavender. 

But it sure is nice to have some of these delightful Day Lily flowers in our garden now...they are so spectacular and surprising! I can see why Mom loved them so much :-)